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Devices for construction site monitoring and 4K timelapse video production for Perù

Turn-key service

Our professional timelapse devices shoot high quality images and are equipped with a software which allows long-term monitoring of construction activities.
They are designed not only for remote monitoring of construction sites, industrial plants, logistics and events, but also for timelapse for construction sites videos for promotional purposes.

Talk to our experts

We will help you find a solution tailored to your needs for a timelapse Perù project
Mailinfo@timelapse.peMobile: +39 347 8247830 | Address: Av. Andrés Aramburú 878, San Isidro 15047, Perù

Our services

Remote monitoring of construction sites in Perù

Thanks to the dedicated platform, you can do the remote monitoring of construction sites in Perù and assess the progress of work 24/7.

Remote control

Control and change the settings of your device at all times, remotely.


Timelapselab devices are designed for extreme conditions and do not need any maintenance of on-site periodic inspections. 

Installation of devices for time lapse for construction sites in Perù

Timelapselab devices are shipped ready to be installed. The framing is calibrated remotely.

Weather Resistant

We design our devices to resist any temperature or adverse weather condition.

Alert for anomalies

You will receive a swift notification in case of irregularities or system malfunctions.


The software detects and blurs faces, bodies, license plates, vehicles or areas to make all photos and videos privacy-compliant.

High quality

Timelapselab devices are produced with the best materials and they offer high resolution interchangeable lenses.

4K Videos

Timelapselab offers automatically generated time lapse videos or produces high-definition videos upon request.

Internet connection

The images are saved on a centralized server. All data is always available on the platform. To do so, we employ SIM cards.


Our timelapse devices are plug&play. They are easily installable by anyone and can be shipped worldwide.

The devices are produced by Timelapselab and they are shipped worldwide already working and ready for monitoring.
No activation needed.

A new way of telling your company’s story – marketing for construction in Perù

Make a video for long-lasting events by combining shots taken at regular time frames. You can follow the evolution of an event too long to be seen in real time in just a few seconds. This is a new way of doing marketing for construction in Perù.

Many large companies have already tested our devices to monitor industrial plants, construction sites, limited access areas, shipyards or onshore plants.

With our service you can monitor your construction sites in all Peruvian cities such as Lima, Iquitos, Puno, Cusco, Trujillo, Ayacucho, Arequipa, Cajamarca, Chiclayora

Video timelapse building site Bosnia - Erzegovina

Many months summarised in a few seconds

Upon request, we produce high-definition time lapse videos, in which all the photographs will be organized to create the sequence of frames that will compose a professional video according to your specifications.

A communication tool

Monitor and evaluate remotely the progress of the work of your activity, 24/7. Furthermore, you can share monitoring videos to colleagues and branches, share time lapse videos on your web site and social media, share 4K videos for promotional purposes.

With our service you can monitor your construction sites in all Peruvian cities such as Lima, Iquitos, Puno, Cusco, Trujillo, Ayacucho, Arequipa, Cajamarca, Chiclayora

Building monitoring platform Bosnia - Erzegovina
Timelapse devices Bosnia - Erzegovina

AI Detections and PPE Alerts – Remote surveillance systems and construction site security solutions in Bosnia-Erzegovina

Timelapse Lab is constantly committed to the development of new technologies and implementations to guarantee a customer-tailored service. Let’s see how the remote surveillance systems and construction site security solutions work.
For this reason, we have recently developed a system for safety at work which, through AI, provides for the sending of alerts in the event of the absence of PPE in the workplace such as helmets and other protection systems.
Similarly, the software developed by TimelapseLab detects and counts people and vehicles present in the images (example: excavators, aerial platforms, etc.). The collected data are then processed and reported in a graph accessible to the customer.
We are working on an integration with BIM, a digital information system of a building, composed of the 3D model integrated with the physical, performance and functional data of the building.



The innovative TLA8 device, resistant to the most adverse weather conditions.
No penetration of dust; full contact protection (dust-proof).
Temporary protection from immersion in water.

Cameras for construction sites Bosnia - Erzegovina
Construction sites video Bosnia - Erzegovina

Privacy software – Construction site surveillance in Perù

The devices for the construction site surveillance in Perù are provided with a software that automatically detects and blurs all the sensitive data in the pictures, such as faces, bodies, license plates, vehicles and external areas. The Timelapselab Privacy software can immediately delete shots with people and report those without people or sensitive data.

Your Private Area

What you will find in your dashboard?
Individual photos, weekly zip, an entire month of shots. You will be able to control all the devices and frames, to obtain a time lapse video to check the status and the evolution of the project activity, and much more.

Alert system – Remote surveillance systems for construction sites

The platform for the remote surveillance systems for construction sites sends swift notifications in case of anomalies such as power failures on site and access during non-working hours. The alert messages are easily manageable by setting the activation and sending frequency.

By setting the site working hours, you will receive an email message in case of detection of intruders. The alert message will be immediately sent by email to always have your construction site under control and prevent any inconvenience.

The types of alerts are: malfunctioning, access control, weather alert, intrusion of people or vehicles inside the construction site outside of working hours, ideal for a timelapse Perù project.

Building site monitoring and alert Bosnia - Erzegovina

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Discover the innovative software for reliable remote monitoring of your construction sites and increase your productivity.


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